RABODAY (Rabodaille, etc)

Djembe 1   b--bb-s-b--bb-s-

Djembe 2   tt--b---t-t-b---
Djembe 3   t-tt-tt-t-tt-tt-
Bass       D---S---D---S---
Bell       H--H--H-H--H--H-

Signal F-tt-t-tt-t-t---

This rhythm is taken from the African Drum Rhythms Practice CD 2. It is a perfect rhythm to start with for beginners. It has been used a lot in beginners┬┤ classes by my drum teacher friend Ulf Weigel, who learned the rhythm from Sten Kallman, who brought it from Haiti, along with a lot of other music that has spread all over Sweden.