Aloha All!

The Liberte project has resulted in a very cool arrangement (at least I think so...) - so since many of you contributed to the research, I figured I'd share it.
My interest in the rhythm was a result of wanting to share the 6/8 reversing hand pattern ( B o O b O o ) with the basics group I play with. Dj 1 is a interesting example of this that most beginners can tackle.  Dj 3 (second handing) gives another, more challenging application of it. Liberte was evidently composed for a performance by one of the Ballets, to celebrate the end of the civil war in Sierra Leone (or possibly Liberia).

Numerous sources have indicated it's a modern rhythm and has numerous arrangements and variations. The commonality between different sources was in the djembe parts; dj 1 and 2 below showed up in nearly every version. The other common factor was that the dunun lines, which were usually played ballet style all came off "short bell".

( x . x . x x . x . x . x)

This is not a "traditional" version (since there isn't one I could find!) and is a mixture of parts taught by various teachers and from various sources. The basic dundun structure came from Karamba Diabate, with the high sangba from Osumane Gallo Soumah. Dj 3 came from Mohammed DaCosta (and totally reinforces Karamba's sangba). The press notes in the kenkeni and sangba parts are my variation (I love those melodies!) Hook it up, this thing swings! If you really get into it, let me know what you think!

call     o . o . . o . o . o . .
bell     x . x . x x . x . x x .
kenkeni  i . . . k k . k . . i .
bell     x . x . x x . x . x . x
low      s . s . . . . i . s . s


sangba   x . x x . x x . x x . x
hi       o . . i . o o . . . . o


dundun   x . x x . x x . x x . x x . x x . x x . x x . x
         d d . . . . d d . d d . d d . . . . . . . d d .

(I do want to give major credit to Karamba for this bell/dundun part. I will always remember the mischief in his eyes when he demonstrated it for me! Believe me, it has opened many ambidexidoors!)

dj 1     B . . b . . B o O b O o B . . b . . B . . b O o   (Bass dj)

dj 2     b S s . O o . S s S . . :|                        (Hi dj)
dj 3     o . S b O O b S . o . O :|                        (Mid dj)
    (or) O . S b O o B s . O . o
...there are more djembe parts which can be used as lead rides - let me know privately if you work through this much and I'll send 'em.